Sanitor specializes in manufacturing quality hair care and skin care products at competitive prices. Whether the product is liquid or dry, Sanitor can help your product vision come to life.


Cosmetic Products

Liquid Products

- Moisturizers - Skin Gels
- Cleaners - Sunscreens
- Exfoliators - Hair Gels
- Toners - Shampoos
- Retinols - Conditioners
- Eye Creams

Dry Products

- Powders
- Dry Facial Masks
- Bath Salts


Drug & FDA Products

With our FDA and CA Drug License, Sanitor has the ability to produce prescription drug products such as...

- Acne Toners & Cleansers with Salicylic Acid

- Sunscreens with Zinc and/or Titanium Dioxide

- Skin Lighteners with Hydroquinone