With services from formulating to labeling, Sanitor is committed to providing quality products and services at competitive prices.


Formulating & Testing

Have an idea for a new cosmetic product, but need independent analysis on viability? Sanitor can develop a formulation with all necessary testing before production.

With an onsite lab and chemist, Sanitor offers…

  • Product Formulating
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control - Compliance with cGMP standards and FDA regulations
  • In House Lab Testing
  • Two Environmental Testing Chambers
    • Shelf Life Testing
    • Accelerated and Long term testing in real time
  • 3rd Party Testing



Once the formula is ready for production, Sanitor’s master mixer combines the necessary ingredients to create the product. With capabilities to blend liquid and dry products, Sanitor’s facility has…
  • High Sheer Blenders
  • Slow Sweep Blenders
  • Two water systems
    • DI Water System
    • Soft Water System
  • Capability to mix between 5-1000 gallons in liquid tanks
  • Ability to blend hot oils

Filling & Packaging

Whether you need assistance from formulation to filling or just need filling and packaging for an existing product, we can efficiently place the product in the appropriate container, add final labeling, and get the product ready to ship.

We can fill...

  • Bottles
  • Jars
  • Tubes
  • Pouches
  • Packets

Sanitor also can complete the packaging for your product by...

  • Labeling jars and bottles
  • Capping jars and bottles
  • Adding lot numbers
  • Sealing with induction seals
  • Sleeving lids and caps
  • Packing product into shipment boxes and wrapping palettes
  • Provide packaging upon request

Our machines give us the capability to produce and fill 15,000 16oz jars in an 8 hour day

To fill products, we have...
  • 2 machines for filling liquid products
  • 2 machines for filling dry products
  • 2 machines for filling tubes
  • 2 machines for filling vials
  • 2 coders for adding lot numbers